• Riders frequently come in for a fitting because of pain or discomfort they're experiencing on the bike. 

  • Due to our education, problem solving ability and daily management of patients' injuries, physical therapists are a perfect profession to become bike fitters.

  • Mike's experience of having been an outpatient sports med PT for 15 years, a life-long cyclist in multiple disciplines, and having completed over 3300 bike fittings over the last 16 years is the perfect combination to relieve your symptoms and help you go faster!

  • Each fit attempts to place the rider in the safest, most biomechanically efficient position.

  • Examples: total knee replacements, hip replacements, knee pain/surgeries, back pain/surgeries, sciatica, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel sundrome, foot pain, numbness, "hot foot," etc. 

  • Get on the bike and have fun!


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