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     The TT fit may look similar to the Tri fit, but it is distinctly different. We want to utilize the "entire leg" in the pedal stroke as we don't need to conserve muscles for the run.  The TT fit is all  about power production and aerodynamics. 

     Good TT bike fitting, takes place over a longer period of time.  Initially, we position the rider in the most powerful and aerodynamic position the rider's body will allow with the goal of moving into a even faster position when the rider's body allows.  How do we get there?

     Often for the rider to tolerate faster, more powerful, more aerodynamic positioning her/his body needs to adapt and there needs to be a plan allowing that to happen.  Adaptation can be improving specific flexibility, postural strength, etc.   EDH Bike Fitting sees the long-term progression and can help guide and manage this plan. 

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