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     When I first met Mike for physical therapy over a year ago, I teased him about his “magic wand;” referring to his amazing ability to heal my many injuries.  I was the classic case of the walking (barely) wounded, or, “got rode hard and put away wet!” Many years of endurance athletics had taken a toll on my body, and Mike tended to every wound with great ability and care.  Then Mike suggested a bike fit to address the remaining issues; primarily a very sore foot that was painful whenever I rode my bike.       After measuring and adjusting every imaginable angle, bike part and body part, Mike delved into my bike shoe and created a special orthodic to relieve the pressure on my throbbing foot.  Shortly thereafter, I participated in Cycle Oregon, a seven day bike event and had no pain at all.  I was more comfortable on my trusty bike than I ever have been.  Now I know that Mike has a “magic bike fit wand” as well as his PT “magic wand!”


Dan Rudd, Sports Psychologist and Triathlete

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