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     I am a broken down, has been college athlete that still has a hankering for competition.  As the years have worn on, so has my body.  I have a job where I sit a ton, a body with years of neglect and abuse, and the thoughts that I am still 20.  After talking with a lot of my fellow cyclists and competitors, Mike's name kept coming up as someone that could help me stay on the bike and competing. 

     I was coming off my worst year of injuries (back, hips, nerve), time riding, and was desperate to find someone to help me.  I had been through several PTs and was losing hope that I would heal and work out without pain.  Mike took the time to listen, question and understand why I was having issues before even seeing me on my bike for a fitting.

     His thorough understanding of my strengths, weaknesses, and physiology allowed him to fine tune my positions on my bikes and allow me to pain free for the first time in years.  This year, I am trending toward my biggest mileage year ever.  I am back on track to be racing regularly and I owe it to Mike and his patience, expertise and knowledge.  I honestly wouldn't be able to be riding as much as I am without him.  Thanks Mike!


Dave B.                                                                       


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