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     Robin Pomeroy, Professional Triathlete

     Mike Beretta with EDH Bike Fitting came highly recommended to me as a bike fitter, so I decided to make an appointment with him. I liked that he was also a Physical Therapist because I knew that background would allow him to think differently than other bike fitters.

     He dialed in my cleats, which I didn’t realize how out of alignment they were until he aligned them properly! Mike assessed my strengths/weaknesses and natural body position, then made adjustments to what fit my body best biomechanically. He spent time educating me on his thought process which I really appreciate, and did small changes over a few sessions.

     I ultimately felt so connected to my pedals I was surprised at my power production with a stable and connected foot to pedal. I believe that the combination of his backgrounds as a Physical Therapist and a bike fitter is extremely helpful to problem solving different situations.



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