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     Fitting a bike for triathlon is all about the run and acheiving a very imporant balance between Aerodynamics, Power, and Comfort.

     This very specific fit has been developed to help an athlete run better off the bike.  The rider is positioned over the bike biasing certain muslce groups and conserving those muscles utilized heavily during the run.

     Although individually, the factors of Aerodynamics, Power, and Comfort can be achieved, experiencing the optimum of all three at the same time is the key.

      If too much stress is placed on Aerodynamics, it takes away from Power and Comfort.  If the fit is too biased toward Power, it steals from Aerodynamics and Comfort.  Likewise, if too much stress is placed on Comfort, both Aerodynamics and Power will suffer.   What good is a crazy aerodynamic tri-fit if you have to sit up every 15 minutes because you're miserable?

     Our goal for a Triathlon Specific Fit is to acheive the maximum for each of these three variables factoring in the rider's unique biomechanics, experience, bike handling skills, goals, injuries, length of race etc. all helping the rider run off the bike and ride FAST!

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