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"Feel your bike disappear."
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Cross is about having fun, developing great bike handling skills, coming off.......

The TT fit may look similar to the Tri fit, but it is distinctly different as we don't have to worry.....



     During each and every fit, we are working on a spectrum of Performance to Comfort.  This goes for every level rider from novice to full-tilt racer.  We're constantly pushing riders into their fastest, most efficient position as long as they're comfortable and it makes sense for their experience, goals, current and past injuries, etc.

     Our goals are to adjust your bike to your unique biomecanical needs, injuries, etc, find your spot on that "Performance to Comfort Spectrum" and adjust the bike in a way that actually facilitates you to posture correctly over the bike. 

     If we adjust the bike in a way that facilitates you to posture into this fastest and most comfortable position, your bike will simply disappear.


Each and every fit is as individual as the rider.  There are no "cookie cutter" approaches at EDH Bike Fitting.  Each fit includes the full initial fit and one 30 minute follow up.  Each fit includes:

  • Rider Info:  Riding/Racing and Medical Injury History. 

  • Bike Info:  History of Bike, Clothing, Shoes, Pedal Systems etc.

  • Rider Goals for season and beyond.

  • Dynamic and Static Measurements

  • Specific Video as needed for assessment and education

  • Biomchanical Analysis performed by Licensed Physical Therapist.  Leg length, hip alignment/mobility/flexibility, Foot mechanics and relation to pedal contact, Spine Mobility

  • Custom Mobility/Flexiblity/Postrual Strength Program if indicated

  • Postural Alignment/Pelvic Positioning on Saddle and its dynamic characteristics during riding. 

  • Saddle Fit and Contact.

  • Pedal Cleat Interface and effects on Feet, Knee Tracking, Hip and Saddle Pressures.

  • Saddle Positions:  Fore/Aft,  Height, Tilt, Rotation and Dynamic Posturing of rider

  • Cockpit:  Stem specifics, bar width, reach, drop, hood position,  Full use of adjustable "fitting stem" ensuring rider feels effects of saddle contact and hand pressures with each bar position.  MTB and Tri/TT - all  controls

  • Review of all changes and discuss PLAN for future changes ensuring long-term gains in performance and comfort.   Often after the initial fit, improvements in the rider's  postural flexibility, strength and endurance will allow us to make further adjustments maximizing performance, aerodynamics and comfort.

     There are only five points of contact on most bikes:  the saddle, pedals, and hands on bars (Seven on Tri/TT Bikes with the addition of aerobars).   We want to distribute the rider's weight correctly over these points with majority going to the back of the bike.  

     Too much weight on the bars equals "sketchy" decents, poor bike handling, and discomfort.  Can poor pedal contact lead to hand discomfort?  Most definitely!  



    Mike Beretta is a licensed physical therapist and owner of Beretta Physical Therapy in El Dorado Hills.  He's completed over 3300 bike fits over the last 16 years on all levels of cyclists and triathletes.

    He brings his problem solving skills and fine-tuned knowledge of biomechanics as a physical therapist to every fitting session. Also, working as a cycling coach and being a racer himself, he has developed an appreciation of maximizing efficiency and power to each and every fit.

   Personally, he has raced MTB for 20+ years, raced on the road as a Cat 3, cyclocross in the single speed A's, and currently focuses on both endurance and local MTB racing and trail running.  

    Cycling isn't just about racing.  He truly enjoys social rides with his friends and gets the biggest smile from chasing his kids around on bikes!

    Mike has also been an instructor for Bike Fit’s Clinical Education courses for medical practitioners.

Photo Credit: Greg Beliera


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